FINISHING TOUCHES: Choosing The Colors, Styles And Materials That Make Your Pool Or Spa Uniquely Yours


The tile, coping, deck material and interior finish bring the "finishing touch" to your custom waterscape. For some real-life examples, click any of the photos below. Or stop by our showroom to see many more samples in person.



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The Deck & Coping will have the greatest impact on the look of your pool. Paving stones, flagstone and stamped or pattern concrete are all popular, with limestone probably the most popular in this part of Texas. Cut pavers will add a sense of elegance and formality, while a rounded or tumbled paver will bring more of an "old world" feel.




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Tiles & Mosaics - Most pools have some type of tile installed around the waterline, usually glass, ceramic or natural stone. Mosaics are available too, in hundreds of designs and colors. They can be large or small, playful or elegant, and installed just about anywhere.





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Interior Finish - The old "plaster" finish has been obsoleted by the super long-lasting "polymer / aggregate" finishes and old all tile". Your choices of textures, styles and colors are nearly unlimited.





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